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23.12.2016 10:49:17Servers Offline Raid Protection will be deactivated at 1.1.2017! Do not forget to add Pincodes to all your storages and Turrets !
23.12.2016 10:47:17ServersAdded Titan Wars Server
21.11.2016 10:33:50ServersNew procedural map running !
07.11.2016 13:40:18ServersWarning: The WARZONE Server will be removed on 11/13/2016 ! Move your stuff to the other servers or you will loose it !
07.11.2016 13:26:26ServersNew Settings: Changed spoil timers in obelisks to 7 days (24 hours default)
07.11.2016 13:25:12ServersBugfix: Offline Raid Protection timers set to 15 minutes